SENIORS 2015: Meet Hannah from Covenant Christian

I’ve known Hannah and her family for almost 10 years and have enjoyed watching her grow up.  I was sooo excited to get to work with her for her senior pictures!  When her mom asked her if she wanted to work with me on senior pictures, she replied, “Do pigs fly?”  🙂  This still makes my day!

This is just her mini session for now, so there will be more to come! See Hannah for discount cards for senior portraits, and take advantage of June’s special of 1/2 off session fees. This is the BEST deal of the year!

Schedule now for the coolest senior pics in town!



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 Sneak Peek from Hannah’s senior portrait session! L.O.V.E.

Hannah wrote: “Just got finished with a photo session with Jj Kaplan and it was absolutely phenomenal!!! Such a wonderful woman to work with and Zionsville is the PERFECT place for beautiful scenery! She was so great at capturing all parts of my personality from formal dress to superheroes and I can’t wait to see how these pictures turn out!”

HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Just finished Hannah’s senior portrait session today out in the fields and in the studio.   What a beautiful girl, both inside and out!  She had so many creative ideas that we incorporated to really capture her essence.  Thank you soooo much for allowing me to work with you and your family.  More to come…. so stay tuned!

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Hey, my name’s Jacque Jordan and I’m a senior at Ben Davis High School. I am a total band geek (percussionist!) and that’s basically what I’ve been doing for my entire middle school and high school life. I will be going to Ball State University for a degree in Music Education and plan to go to IU later for a degree in Musicology.

If you want some amazing senior photos, JJ Kaplan is definitely the way to go. I was a bit nervous at first but JJ makes it SO fun! She is great at figuring out lighting and color and poses and everything just goes so smoothly. And with her, the indoor session is just as fantastic as the outdoor session. On top of taking awesome pictures, she has a very bubbly personality. She is easy to talk to and you can tell she absolutely loves her job. So if you’re unsure of who to get your pictures from, just don’t even worry about it anymore because Color My World Studio is where you need to go, trust me.

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Haley’s Senior Portraits

Haley and I had a blast capturing these amazing images to celebrate her senior year.  She rocked the outdoor location shoots, as well as the studio.  Thank you soo much for allowing me to create these for you!!! Enjoy!

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Had the AMAZING opportunity to photograph Bobby “Slick” Leonard- Hall of Fame for the Pacers

When my editor asked me to photograph Slick Leonard and his wife, Nancy, I could hardly contain myself.  He has been a foundation of the Pacers team, first as a player, then a coach, the the voice of the Pacers on the radio who coined the term, Boom Baby.  As I watched the interview, I couldn’t believe how animated and vibrant the couple were.  All statistics and details are severed into their memories, and I can hardly remember what I cooked for dinner last night… 🙂  Here the is magazine cover that I photographed and consider a highlight of my career…

Bobby “Slick” Leonard and his wife, Nancy who helped shape the entire Pacers team

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