My name is Gabriele Brandt and I am a senior at Carmel High School. In college I plan to study medicine with the hopes of one day becoming a doctor. My hobbies include singing, tennis, swimming, food, and cats (if you can even count that as a hobby). I do not know for sure where I will be attending college next year but I am excited for what the future has to offer me!

Going into senior pictures I was afraid that I wouldn’t like any of my pictures or that I wouldn’t look as pretty other people in mine. JJ completely extinguished this fear by giving me the best senior pictures I could’ve ever asked for. JJ really has an talent for capturing people at their most beautiful moments. The experience was fun and easy. I loved being diva for a day and cannot wait to come back for more wonderful pictures in the future.

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​My name is Alex Carr and I’m a senior at Zionsville High School this year. I have lived in Zionsville all my life and enjoyed every minute of it. After high school I plan on studying Engineering or Business at either Rose-Hulman or Indiana University next fall. I practice with the high school basketball team and am the team statistician.

​I didn’t think that getting my senior pictures was actually going to be an enjoyable experience but working with JJ was a really good time. She was very encouraging and didn’t really try and frame like I was just another senior. She let me get comfortable and just be myself. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend JJ to anyone!

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Had the great pleasure of photographing author, Karen Mangia, for her new book and website…

Friends, it is with such pleasure that I can share that my work is published in Karen Mangia’s new book and website, “Success With Less.” I had the tremendous pleasure of photographing her in her home to illustrate the principles that she holds near and dear to her heart. You will be inspired by her story. Thank you so much, Karen, for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you!!!

"Success With Less"

Great pleasure of working with author Karen Mangia and her new book “Success With Less.”

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Hi! Our names are Haley and Hannah Salamie and we are seniors at Zionsville Community High school. We are identical twins and do practically everything together. In our free time, we study various forms of dance at The Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, including ballet, modern, Bollywood and jazz. We are also members of G2, the pre-professional company of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre.
Working with JJ was a wonderful experience! We had a blast from start to finish! JJ is so passionate about what she does and you can really see it in her photos. She listens to what her clients want and makes the experience incredibly stress free and fun. Our photo session far exceeded our expectations. JJ is a gifted artist who turned our senior portraits into an amazing work of art! Thank you JJ!

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Cheers! My name is Michael Lazzarini, I am a senior at Zionsville Community High School. In my extracurricular time I am the founding president of a school club “Write N’ Mic” which focuses around developing student writing and presenting it orally. I am HUGE into theater and participate in EVERY school production. I love working with kids and for employment I work at Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream – Zionsville and babysit. I hope to major in (upper) elementary education and minor in theater.

My name is Aidan Mais, and I have been friends with Michael for some years now. I’m huge into the outdoors, wrapping up my eagle for Boy Scouts this year. I’m a part of ZCHS’s theatre program and their nationally ranked show choir. In my last year at Zionsville High School my free time will be spent outside, with friends, or on the stage.

We had a blast working with J.J. at her studio run out of her home! Unlike many other photographers – J.J. instantly made us feel like we were long lost friends. From scheduling the photo session to picking up the photo’s it was all about us not as customers – but as co-collaborators in the development of an art that she is so passionate about! Thanks so much J.J!

-Aidan Mais and Michael Lazzarini

Zionsville Community High school

Class of 2017’

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