My name is Tony Vitiritto, and I’m a senior at Carmel High School. I play football and throw shoutout in field. I’m also involved in my school’s orchestra and multiple clubs. I plan on going to college next Fall and majoring in Business Entrepreneurship, as well as continuing my career as a football player.

I had the privilege of working with JJ Kaplan on my senior photos, and coming from someone who doesn’t like their picture taken, she made things enjoyable and easy. She was able to create photos that were what both me and my family wanted. She was able to create scenes for my backdrop that I was impressed by, and throw out ideas that really turned out great. I would for sure recommend JJ and Color My World Studio to anyone looking to get their senior photos done. I had a great time and would choose JJ Kaplan again.

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It’s not every day that you really find someone that shares all of your passions….and Jody is one of them!  Animals and photography are her passion, and we had an amazing evening at her farm.  Here are just some of our favorites…Thank you sooo much for allowing me to capture these for you and your family!

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“My name is Samuel Joseph Lobdell, and after living and attending Zionsville schools my entire life I am finally a senior. At ZCHS I’ve dabbled in almsot every sport from soccer, to baseball, to football, and finishing on the Zionsville Me’s Volleyball Team. I also am a part of many organizations such as being the Vice President of Model United Nations, Co-president of Psych Club, member of Best Buddies, and Business Professionals of America. I plan on attending college next fall and competing at the intramural level in volleyball and enjoying Greek life while pursuing a degree in either Law, Finance, or Accounting.

Living in Zionsville my whole life gave me many opportunities to view and distinguish between who to book for senior pictures and i could not be more happy with my decision to work with JJ. She was able to broaden my view as to what can be done for senior pictures and gave me every opportunity to get the best pictures possible; from driving and laughing together all over Zionsville to find just the right location with just the right lighting to letting me choose whichever background or wardrobe that suited me and my personality best JJ was more than helpful in creating the most desirable senior picture experience I ever could have thought of. After working with JJ and Color My World Studio,

I can do nothing less than recommend her for senior pictures or any other shoot in the future “

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