Captured all of Jake’s passions during his senior portrait session!

Jake’s senior portrait session was designed all around his favorite things…from his rockin’ jeep, to passion for football, to just hanging out.  We had the BEST time working together to create just the right type of look for him.  Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you on these amazing images!

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Just loved this so much, I had to share a sneak peek…. :)

Sometimes you just have so much fun during a session that you have to share an image before you have several done. This is hot off the press from tonight’s senior session in the park…also, this is an example of what professional makeup can do to enhance your features. My MUA does a fantastic job of capturing just the right tone, from natural looking to more pronounced. I think she got it just right tonight for our session. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this for you and your family!

senior portraits are what we specialize in at Color My World Studio

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My name is Maddie Hoover, and I am a senior at University High School. I play varsity tennis, write for the school’s online newspaper, and edit the yearbook. I enjoy cooking, am learning photography, and I am passionate about the Timmy Global Health Organization. I had a chance to travel with them on a medical/dental mission in January and am working to start a chapter of the organization at my high school. In the future I hope to go to dental school and perhaps become an orthodontist.
Selecting JJ as my senior photographer was an easy choice. She took my sister’s senior pictures and did such a great job! My sister is beautiful, but did not really feel pretty until she saw her senior photos. JJ has a way of making kids feel comfortable and bringing out the beauty both on the outside and within. My session with her was great. I do not really like posing for pictures, and I drove my mother crazy leading up to the photo session because I did not even want to try clothes on. We brought outfits from my mother’s, sister’s, and my closet, and JJ helped me to choose what I would feel the most beautiful and comfortable wearing. She made the session easy and fun. We even took a few shots in the swimming pool.
JJ also works to perfect the photos after they are taken. The initial proofs were really great, but the actual photographs were even better. She makes sure that the lighting is perfect and that every flaw is removed. She treats every picture with as much care as she does her own State Fair winning photos. I highly recommend her to any senior who wants a special experience and great photographs.

Indianapolis senior pictures

Senior Portraits at Color My World Studio


Just some of the fun that we had creating Maddie

Just some of the fun that we had creating Maddie’s senior portraits. Had a blast creating different types of looks for her. Thank you for a great session!

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Hello! My name is Summer Rain Von Schwartzwalder and I’m from Zionsville High School. I have done so many things with my life, like music, sports, dance, writing, and drawing, but mostly I just love animals. I plan on going to Purdue for veterinary school to become a veterinarian for large, small, exotic, and native wildlife animals.

For my senior pictures, I definitely did my research. I looked through all the ones I knew of and only JJ’s really stood out to me. Hers were not only beautiful, they were original, and not as cookie-cutter as all the ones I’d seen throughout the yearbook. Besides the photos themselves being gorgeous, she made me feel that way! I’m shy and reserved, and really nervous about having a stranger dress me up and take 100s of pictures of me, but she is so bubbly and happy and nice, that I felt completely comfortable almost immediately! Me and my mom had so much fun with her. JJ also took all of my ideas into account. She really cared about ME and who I am. I had some ideas that JJ had never done before, and they turned out wonderful with her help and expertise. I am so glad I went to JJ and not anyone else. You will be so happy with all of your pictures when you make the same decision I did!!
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