My name is Dietrich Ney, and I am a senior at Zionsville High School. I have only attended Zionsville since September 2016, and attended Brownsburg High School before. After High school I plan to study Music Theory and Composition at the City College of New York.Most of my free time is occupied with either analyzing, writing, or playing music. I have played the viola in an orchestra for over 7 years, and have taught myself guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

My only other experience with getting my picture taken professionally was getting family pictures. I always dreaded them because of my 5 younger siblings always being out of control and making the experience un-enjoyable. Because of this, I was nervous and unsure about getting senior pictures taken. But that was all changed nearly the second I walked in. JJ made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. I have never felt like pictures have captured my personality so well, nor have I ever had pictures taken that I have been proud and excited to show to people. She is the only photographer that I will recommend to people because of how high quality all of her work is, and how fun and stress-free she made senior pictures.

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