My name is Erica Grush and I’m a sophomore studying Food Science at Purdue University with a minor in Foods and Nutrition. In the past year, I’ve joined Devonshire Cooperative, a women’s house that fosters sisterhood, scholarship, and integrity. I have also joined the Purdue Food Science Club, the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association Product Development team, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and A Cause for Paws.

I recently found out that I would need some professional headshots for my career preparation class, but also realized that it would be great to show to hiring agents. So I contacted JJ Kaplan, who was very excited that I contacted her. I brought a variety of business attire because I was unsure of what to wear, as I had never had headshots taken. JJ took it in stride and helped me pick out an outfit that was professional but still young and fresh. We went in her studio and she made the experience fun with upbeat music. I was surprised that we got some great photos in under half an hour and had a lot of fun doing it too. She was very good at describing how to portray my facial expressions and body positions. I had a lot of fun and am sure that I will have some c

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risp headshots that set me apart.

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