Working with JJ for the past 4 years like our family has done has been one of the best decisions we have made as far as really capturing our wonderful memories on the highest level. JJ has been there through my husband and I’s engagement, first and second born children pictures, along with numerous years of birthdays and Christmas pictures. She makes it extremely easy and such a relaxed experience every time we do a shoot with her. As you could imagine having two young boys (1 and 3 years old) taking pictures is never really an easy task for any one, but JJ makes it a breeze. She is always patient and knows exactly how to get the best shot. She makes you feel comfortable and has the sweetest connection with infants and children. During the shoot, JJ has tons of well thought out ideas of the poses she thinks would fit our family best and is ready to go as soon as we get there. There is no waiting around to brainstorm ideas, usually the ideas are thought of weeks in advance and ran by us multiple times to make sure the shoot is smooth and everything we want so it is completed without any wasted time. The ideas JJ has are absolutely phenomenal. Her studio has everything that we ever need to complete our shoot, from numerous backdrops to any additional props that we would want. We truly are lucky to have found a photographer like JJ who takes awesome pictures and has a personality full of happiness and creativity to make any client feel welcomed and at ease during their time with her. We are grateful to know such a wonderful person with such a special talent and love for photography. The time and effort that she puts into her work is more than we could have ever asked for. Her vision is so unique, and every photo shoot is one of a kind. It is easy to say that we fully intend to continue enjoying her photography. I would recommend JJ to any client from the smallest job to the most elaborate task at hand. Thank you so much JJ for capturing our family’s memories for the past 4 years, we can’t wait until next time!

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