Handcolored Photographs

Here is where my inspiration to open a photography studio began…with handcolored photographs.  My grandmother proudly displayed handcolored portraits of her own children in her front foyer that were lovingly created by studio artists.  I ADORED my grandmother and spent a great deal of my childhood in her home.  The soft, etherial feel of these heirloom portraits is very different than the digital work we see today.

Handcolored photographs were created shortly after the advent of film and the world of photography was born.  All images were black and white, and some were eventually sepia toned.  When it came to creating portraits, studio artists began to add paints and colors

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handcolored fine art photography

to these images to create a more life-like image for their clients.  Today, this is an almost lost art, as it is time intensive and expensive to create.

Each portrait is captured on film, printed in a dark room, painted by hand on special papers.  All photographs are archival and projected to last 200-300 years.  They are simply works-of-art to be cherished through the generations.

There is a certain LOOK that we want to achieve, so we discuss clothing options, props, and whatever else will make your portrait personalized and filled with meaning.

If you are looking for a unique type of fine art for your home, consider commissioning handcolored photographs.  They will bring warmth, beauty, and a sense of relationship to your home.