My name is Erica Grush and I’m a sophomore studying Food Science at Purdue University with a minor in Foods and Nutrition. In the past year, I’ve joined Devonshire Cooperative, a women’s house that fosters sisterhood, scholarship, and integrity. I have also joined the Purdue Food Science Club, the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association Product Development team, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and A Cause for Paws.

I recently found out that I would need some professional headshots for my career preparation class, but also realized that it would be great to show to hiring agents. So I contacted JJ Kaplan, who was very excited that I contacted her. I brought a variety of business attire because I was unsure of what to wear, as I had never had headshots taken. JJ took it in stride and helped me pick out an outfit that was professional but still young and fresh. We went in her studio and she made the experience fun with upbeat music. I was surprised that we got some great photos in under half an hour and had a lot of fun doing it too. She was very good at describing how to portray my facial expressions and body positions. I had a lot of fun and am sure that I will have some c

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risp headshots that set me apart.

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My name is Nate Flasher and I’m a senior at Covenant Christian High School. In the past four years I’ve mostly been a student athlete participating on the basketball, soccer, swim, golf and tennis teams. My favorite sport right now is tennis and I’m excited to be playing singles this season for the team! Over the last couple years though I have discovered a new passion in the Spanish language! I enjoy speaking the language and learning about the culture. I was blessed to be able to go over to Leon, Spain this past summer for 7 weeks and it changed my life. I cannot wait to continue to explore and learn more about this language and the Spanish culture!

Over the last couple weeks as another part of my senior experience I have had the opportunity to work with Jj Kaplan as my senior photographer. I had no idea what it would be like to have “senior pictures” taken. My mom made me pack a suitcase full of clothes for the photo shoot and off we went to see Jj. We started shooting in the town of Zionsville in all sorts of cool locations and then wrapped it up with shooting pictures by an old run down barn in a super scenic field. It was funny because we ended up using all the clothes in the suitcase we brought. The shots she took shocked me how I looked so great! Not only was it really fun to have a photo shoot, but she was able to make me look really good. I think I have the coolest senior shots probably that I’ve ever seen. I’m a pretty laid back guy and try not to stand out in a crowd too much, but I really do like how her pictures did capture my personality and it ends up with these pics I do stand out in a crowd…and turns out that’s pretty cool!

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I am excited to introduce a new line of women’s portraits that illustrate the beauty and strength within us. As a women, I too know the pressure of media and society. But I am also encouraged by a slow shift to celebrate who we are in the moment. If you have never liked yourself in pictures, I would encourage you to so a session with me in my studio. We take our time, have fun, and celebrate you as you are!! With professional makeup and hair, combined with great lighting, posting, and retouching, you will LOVE how you look. Give me a call at the studio 317-753-3434 to see how we can create beautiful portraits that you and your family will cherish for many years to come.womens portraits indianapolis

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My name is Dietrich Ney, and I am a senior at Zionsville High School. I have only attended Zionsville since September 2016, and attended Brownsburg High School before. After High school I plan to study Music Theory and Composition at the City College of New York.Most of my free time is occupied with either analyzing, writing, or playing music. I have played the viola in an orchestra for over 7 years, and have taught myself guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

My only other experience with getting my picture taken professionally was getting family pictures. I always dreaded them because of my 5 younger siblings always being out of control and making the experience un-enjoyable. Because of this, I was nervous and unsure about getting senior pictures taken. But that was all changed nearly the second I walked in. JJ made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. I have never felt like pictures have captured my personality so well, nor have I ever had pictures taken that I have been proud and excited to show to people. She is the only photographer that I will recommend to people because of how high quality all of her work is, and how fun and stress-free she made senior pictures.

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