Here at Color My World Studio, we specialize in amazing senior portraits.  Each and every session is designed with YOU in mind…your hobbies, your fashion, your passion!  Pure and simple.  We don’t go to the same ol’ places for each senior so that they all start to look alike.  We work with you to determine what REALLY captures your personality and then we make it FUN!

Here are just SOME of the amazing senior pictures that we created for Stephanie and her family…portraits that reflect the entire family’s support for their beautiful daughter.  It has been such a delight to get to know them and I’m so happy to be a part of their family at this special time in their lives! Enjoy!

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Hi! My name is Mia Kaehler, and I will be a senior this year at Zionsville. This year I have had the privilege of doing my senior pictures with JJ Kaplan. We ended up doing three shoots in total: one studio, one pool, and one outdoor shoot. The studio shoot was a lot of fun because JJ had a lot of great ideas for outfits and poses and she made it be a fun experience instead of being stressful. We also did a session in JJ’s pool. This was great because I used to be a swimmer and lifeguard. It also gave me something that was really different from the pictures my friends were getting which I thought was really cool because I always try to be unique! The outdoor shoot was awesome because the weather was so nice and we went to a really cool location. JJ was able to capture all of the different parts of my personality and the pictures really showed who I was. All in all I had a great experience with JJ that I will never forget!

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SENIORS 2014 – Mia

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mia and her family a few times over the past few years.  She is one of my favorite models and her senior session really shows how versatile she is.  I adore working with her to capture her spirit and love of life! Thank you for allowing me to photograph you at this fab time in your life!!

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